You are looking for a new way to create your individual training? A way that makes it possible for you to keep track of your performance, training sessions and body measures. A way that makes it possible to reach your goal eventually.

Use IPEAK to create and collect your trainings and find totally new ones from others. Share your findings and motivate others as well. We want everyone to be the perfect version of him or herself. It's time to not only become a healthier self, but to stay healthy in the first place.

Start today.



Choose your favorite sport categories and equipment types and get suggested what really interests you. Go through our daily recommendations for you and find something you like. Bookmark it for later or add it to one of your collections. And use our search engine to find more trainings, collections, exercises or users.



Create trainings for yourself or for others. Give your trainings a personal touch by uploading your own exercise videos. Feel free to be creative. Put those trainings into collections to be more organized or use collections like workout plans.

Go ahead and share your trainings with friends, family or everyone who has the same interests like you. If you want to share your trainings to a specific group or individuals and earn money by doing so, then communities would suit you best.



Check your fitness level via specific performance tests in every sports category. Add new results to your performance tests, this has an impact on different exercise intensities. Your trainings will be adjusted to your current level.



IPEAK has a lot to offer. Just go ahead and explore the app and find the features that suit you and your preferences the most.

You can create content or just find and collect it. You can track your performances, your history and body measures. You can share content and spread it. You can offer your content for money or just for free. You can create your own business and community. Have fun exploring.